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Rachel Alejandro

When I was younger, I wanted to be a singer just like my father, Hajji Alejandro. Today, I am still mainly a singer-actress, and I perform in concerts and stage plays. I am currently involved in an indie film project and producing a concert for my family.

But even as a child I always knew I would someday own a food business. My mom is a chef and my lola is a fantastic cook, so we grew up with a lot of good food. It was my sister, Barni, who followed in my mom's footsteps and studied to become a chef. But from the time I was 10 years old, I was already obsessed with reading diet books. By the time we started our health food business, I was already somewhat of an expert in weight loss nutrition.

My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: There are so many ways to turn in a profit, but one that I believe never fails is investing in true talent and good people. You also need supporters. We were lucky to have been guided by our parents and my manager, Tita Girlie Rodis. We would not be here without them. Never forget to have gratitude and love for what you do.

Story via Gianna Banzon from cosmo.ph

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