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Papa Jack

Papa Jack or Papa Jackson is a radio DJ and TV personality. His popular radio shows are TLC: True Love Conversations and Wild Confessions.

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Papa Jack

Where do you get the wisdom to answer all the questions asked by callers?

“I guess that’s my talent. To understand and quickly create a timeline of the caller’s story. I am a keen listener. Magaling ako makinig at umintindi ng mga kwento. And when there’s a gap on that timeline, it’s my duty to bridge that gap and present to the caller an answer that will give him or her a sense of normality. It’s a gift. Kilala ko ang ugaling pinoy at alam ko kung sino ang totoo at ang mga gumagawa lang ng kwento.”

Who do you get love advice from?

"The only person that I ask for love advice is my Wife."

Personal rule when giving out tips?

"Whenever I give out advice, people can be sure that it’s from the heart."

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