Paolo Paraiso/ Tondo X Pomade

Paolo Paraiso

Tondo X Pomade a premium organic blend pomade infused with essential oils. Hand made in the Philippines.

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Paolo Paraiso

Quick Q & A:

a. How many days a week do you workout?
I workout everyday. I run, bike, do jiu jitsu, or all of the above.

b. Name a local / foreign male celebrity with great hair (aside from yourself)
Brad Pitt.

c. Favorite beach in the Philippines
Lahat, basta nasa Pilipinas!

d. Most used emoji

e. What's a dish you can cook best?
Baked rosemary chicken.

Every Cent Helps

Tondo X Pomade Supports Liter of Light Global Foundation. A portion of the profits of Tondo X Pomade is donated to this charity. Learn More >

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