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Tell us more about Community.
Community is the brainchild of myself and my partner, Patrick Jamora, a graphic designer. We curate themed collections catering to different communities. Our first collection is Surfaces. A tribute to marble, concrete and wood; borrowing and transforming them into prints. This collection is for the community of paper enthusiasts, the everyday planners and letter senders. We design everything ourselves.

What is the inspiration behind Community?
Patrick and I are design junkies. Both of us are in love with design, may it be objects, graphics, architecture or space. Community was originally inspired by the MoMa Store and the Design Museum Shop.

If you weren’t a celebrity, what would you be your profession today?
A professional dancer

Who’s your celebrity best friend?
Alessandra De Rossi and Armi Millare

What’s your dream travel destination?
Anywhere where I can see the Northern Lights

I wish the world were more…
Kind and gentle to each other and to Mother Nature

I’ll never stop…
Loving my son.

My mom always told me…
To think before I speak.

The best thing about being a celebrity is…
The ability to influence people and become a role model to them

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