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Jinri Park

Jinri Park is a South Korean model, radio DJ, columnist, showbiz personality, and entrepreneur based here in the Philippines. She competes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is also a muay thai practitioner.

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Jinri Park

What are your unforgettable memories in growing up here?

Growing up around nature and the beach, because if I grew up in Korea it would be very city, surrounded by buildings and the education system in Korea is very competitive. Whereas growing up in Cebu I was more relaxed so I got to be more creative because I was around nature, I got to go to the beach and I got to explore the opportunity to be more open-minded.

Are you more comfortable here?

Yes, I really feel like this is where I built up my identity and that’s who I am now because when I got to Korea it feels more like a Foreign country.

What characteristics will the next KPop Idol should possess?

It should be a full package, it’s not just about pure talent but also pure personality and having a star factor. If they don’t have that star quality, they will not make it into the business.So I think that we cannot really pinpoint what it is and what it makes the audience like them.

Interview via sunstar.com.ph

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