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Diana Zubiri

What kind of diet do you follow?
If I notice that I’m gaining weight, maski konting-konti lang, I avoid rice. But I think it’s only psychological, you know, that rice is fattening. I do eat rice, but only a little. If I don’t, I easily get dizzy.

What kind of workout do you do?
Everything. Treadmill, weights, kung anu-ano. I go to Bodyworks for my workout.

How do you cope with stress?
Massage. Or I go to the gym. After a workout, ang luwag-luwag ng feeling mo, di ba?

Name three women who have a beautiful body like you.
Ara Mina. I can’t think of two more. Only Ara.

Using body language, how would you tell a guy that you admire him?
Dinadaan ko sa tingin. How do I know that he gets the message? If he smiles, yon na!


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