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Chloe Dauden

Are you willing to sacrifice wearing heels for a shorter guy?
Yes. Actually, I don’t have a preference for wearing heels ‘cause I’m already 5’8. I love wearing flats.

You are very glamorous. How do men react when they realize you can be goofy too?
They get shocked ‘cause they think I’m too sosyal or high-maintenance at first. They’re usually surprised but at the same time they like it because I can jive with them.

We heard you drink a lot. Have you ever experienced been intoxicated while taping on set?
Yes. There was a time my taping schedule was really late then I had to attend a birthday party prior to taping. And of course, my friends made sure that I had some shots. While on set, I had a difficult time remembering my lines but it went well nevertheless.

Is it true that big girls don’t cry?
No, because I’m a cry baby. And I’m really sensitive so that’s not true.

What’s the first thing you bought after getting your first check as a celebrity?
I think an iPod, that was a long time ago.