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Ara Mina

If you were not a celebrity, what would you be your profession?
Interior design; I like arranging my house. Most of my stuff is custom-made.

Favorite workout?
Hot Yoga!

What’s your #1 cheat meal?
White rice and bagoong/alamang with calamansi. White rice mixed with sunny side up and tosatadong maling.

What’s your greatest karaoke hit?
“All by Myself” by Celine Dion

Who is your favorite classic Pinoy loveteam?
Sharon and Gabby Concepcion, Lotlot and Monching

What makes you laugh?
My daughter

The best thing about being a celebrity is…
Getting that fulfillment from knowing you’re able to entertain people and that they appreciate your work for it. And with A-Listers, I get to share a side of me they have not seen yet-- which is my passion for skin care, Ara’s Secret.

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