Eruption, Wil Devaughn and Andy Smith/ G3 Athletic

Eruption, Wil Devaughn and Andy Smith

G3 Athletic Apparel is the modern Filipino's new active lifestlye brand for his fitness journey.

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Eruption, Wil Devaughn and Andy Smith

Can you tell us more about your products? What kind of materials/fabrics do you use? Where are these made and by who? Do you design them yourself or do you have others help you out?
G3 Athletic Apparel is actually a project with two friends of mine, Eruption and Wil Devaughn.

What’s your favorite workout?
Cross Fit

Which body part do dread working out the most?

What’s your favorite Pinoy dish?

Who’s your favorite superhero?
Spider Man

Every Cent Helps

G3 Athletic Supports Liter of Light Global Foundation. A portion of the profits of G3 Athletic is donated to this charity. Learn More >

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