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1. Part of a man’s body that you notice first?

“Chest and arms. Hindi masyado importante sa akin ‘yung six-pack, basta maganda ‘yung chest and arms.”

2. What about your diet?

“If I don’t have a shoot, I eat anything. I love to eat, eh. But I try to eat healthy, mostly vegetables and fruits. Piling-pili lang talaga ‘yung food and the way they are cooked.”

3. What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

“Normally, pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Lunch, usually rice with ulam or bread with pasta. Dinner, salad or anything light. Pero may dessert ako dapat palagi.”

4. Any medicines/vitamins?

“Vitamin C, ‘yung gummy, four pieces every day.”

5. How much water do you take per day?

“Eight glasses. I drink lots of water especially if I have a shoot kasi iyak ako nang iyak kaya ayokong ma-dehydrate ako.”

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