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Alden Richards has always been known for his good nature and hard work. Aside from acting, he is also a host, model, and recording artist.

He has created Alden Richards: In My Own Words as an anniversary gift to loyal fans who have been following AlDub since they first debuted in the July 16, 2015 episode of the Eat Bulaga! segment Juan for All, All for Juan.

1. How do you handle success?

By just thanking the Lord for everything and putting it in my heart. Not in any part of my body. Of course once it consumes your being, the success, that’s the start of your downfall. So success is given to you because the Lord wants you to use it for the better, for the good of everyone.

2. What scares you?

The unexpected, most of the time. Every day I just pray and I ask guidance from the Lord. [I say] “Lord you just take me where you want to take me. I will not resist.” That’s what I have been doing for the past few months.

3. In everything that has happened to you in the past few months, what are you most thankful for and proud of?

I am very thankful because I still have the faith. I’m not saying names, I am not [generalizing], but once [people] achieve success, most of the time, they forget [about their faith]. When I started…you don’t remember the Lord in times of downfall or success. You remember him every time, every minute of your daily life. You thank him and you have to be grateful because he’s doing this to you right now. He gave you this blessing for you to be able to achieve happiness. There’s no better happiness than the Lord for me.

I am very proud of AlDub. It is not just a love team. It’s a symbol of respect for everyone, for our fellow Filipinos. AlDub brings back the old school style of manners that most of us have already forgotten. We are very proud of this because people believe in us because they feel and they know that the purpose of AlDub is good and is for the better.

Every day as we do “Kalyeserye,” what we want to achieve is the lesson that they will take with them. It’s a choice if they want to take it or leave it be. We thank everyone because it’s like people’s lives are being changed. I’ve been hearing news and stories, and because of that it gives us inspiration and motivation to keep going.

Interview via Arvin Mendoza on Inquirer

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