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10 Celebrity Travel-Inspired Things You Must Check In Your Bucketlist

If anything, summer is just starting. It’s never too late to book that flight or go on that road trip. But if you’re up for a challenge, we challenge you to travel like the A-List. Here, we list down some of our favorite celebrities’ getaway and we dare you to go the extra mile like […]

3 Basic Wardrobe Pieces To Amp Up Your #Twinning Game

Rummage through your boyfriend’s closet and for sure, you’ll find similar items both of you can wear. To add fun to dressing up (and keep that #relationshipgoals level), agree to go twinning for your next date! You only need to own one of these three key wardrobe pieces: a white oversized polo, a bomber jacket, […]

5 Ways You Can Make Everyday Heart’s Day

It doesn’t have to be February 14 everyday—express your love towards your special someone through simple, daily acts that can warm up the heart. We round up easy things that you and your sweetheart can do and celebrate Valentine’s in and out of season.   Work things out through working out! Exercise releases endorphins or happy […]

3 Ways You Can Spice Up Your Favorite Graphic Tee

It’s February yet you’re stuck with the same ol’ outfits. You’ve forgotten how long it has been since you’ve last shopped for your own stuff (the holidays took a toll on you—there’s just too many on your list!) and your closet screams help from all its corners. And with all the pile of workload you’ve left […]

Start the New Year With A Brand New You!

New year, new you—this has always been the welcome mantra of every person in the world. For some, they’d started their 2017 this February, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Cliche as it is, there really isn’t any other better fuel to restart than by beginning anew after another 365-degree turn. We hope that with […]

3 Workouts You and Bae Can Totally Do Together

You eat together, you drink together, so it makes perfect sense to workout together too! Studies say you’re more likely to commit to a workout routine if you’ve got an accountable buddy—and who better than your bae to fulfill this role? Plus, it’s another excuse to spend quality time together (as if you need more […]