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What Happened at The A-List Playlist: A Night of Music with the Stars

It was a wonderful night with the stars as your one-stop shop for everything celebrity-owned officially launched alisters.com.ph to the press and public through The A-List Playlist: A Night of Music with the Stars last November 23 at CustomThread Cafe!

The A-List Playlist 11

The event kicked off with a welcome from our present celebrity vendors like actress Meryll Soriano for Community and model and TV host Jacq Yu for French Dolls, who talked about their business and what it’s like to be part of A-Listers. Our very own Benito Vergara and Angelique Uy were also present, who shared the story of A-Listers, and CustomThread owner Eric Sy, who spoke about their brand. The merriment continued with activities prepared for guests before the music show happened – CustomThread tours and food-tasting, live mural painting by WeeWillDoodle, beer pong, overflowing drinks from Chang beer, Taiwan beer and Destileria Limtuaco, and yummy snacks from Nacho Bimby. The place was full of energy and excitement, evident with the cheer, conversation and smiles around.

Finally, the clock struck eight and the gig opened with Never the Strangers on the stage! The rest of
the night was a full-on musical bliss – everyone rocked and sang along to the songs of IV of Spades,
Simpatiko, Ben&Ben, Callalily, Over October and Nyctinasty.


If you missed the event, no worries — wear your favorite band on your sleeves by getting their merch available on the site! Click below and choose you favorite music artist from The A-List Playlist to view and order their merch.

Never the Strangers




Over October

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