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Ara Mina Spills Her Beauty Secrets!

We all want to steal our favorite star’s beauty routine. We’ve asked this question a lot of times:

“How do I become as beautiful as her?”

Well, surprise, surprise. It isn’t as hard or complicated as you think.


One of Alisters PH’s celebrity entrepreneurs, Ara Mina, shares her “secrets.” Read on to find out Ara’s secret — her morning and evening routine, and her ultimate get-pretty tips for everyday. You’re welcome!


Hi Ara! Can you share your morning and evening routine?

“Upon waking up, I brush my teeth and this may surprise you, but I don’t wash my face immediately. A long time ago, somebody told me that washing your face (including the eyes, of course) can lead to blurry vision and I believed her. I still do. So, I will only wash my face while taking a bath. I use Ara’s Secret Facial Cleanser. I also drink a glass of water before eating my breakfast. That’s basically my routine.

“At night, I remove my makeup and clean my face very well. Then I apply some moisturizer. Sometimes, I also put a moisturizing mask on.”

What are your beauty tips and skincare advice your swear by?

1. Use sunscreen and a good moisturizer daily. When I say good, it does not have to be expensive. One brand may be good for me but not good for you. Of course, you can always try Ara’s Secret products. I use Ara’s Secret All In One Cream and Face Moisturizing Cream alternately.

2. Exfoliate once or twice a week using a gentle exfoliating product.

3. Take health supplements like vitamins C and E.

4. Go to a reputable skin clinic for your regular facial cleaning.

5. Eat healthy.

6. Sleep for 7 hours or more.

7. Do not smoke.

8. Choose to be happy.


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