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12 Sweat-Inducing Activities To Do When Gym Gets Too Boring

If going to the gym becoming a chore? Are you looking for more heart-pumping action? Are you itching for something that will make you excited and looking forward to sweat out more? Say no more. Let our celebrities inspire you to try one (or  all!) of these thrilling activities that are all fun without you even noticing you’re losing those belly fats! What a win-win, right?


1. Yoga.

Keep calm and do yoga like Ara Mina. Not only does it relaxes you and enhances your flexibility, you’ll also shape up with the different challenging poses you’re gonna do!



2. Running.

This certified running coach lives and breathes fitness. Begin with a simple jog around the neighborhood, and when you feel ready, try to join a 3k or a 5k marathon. The feeling of  accomplish when you finish a race is definitely fulfilling!



3. Cycling.

Daniel Matsunaga did a cycling performance in one I Can Do That episode. Cop this cutie and grab your bike, friends — bring out your inner child while working your body out!



4. Dancing.

Whether you enroll in dance class or follow instructional videos on Youtube or the DVD with your mom, dancing is one exercise that doesn’t feel like it at all! Move, sway and groove to that music, shake your body, release all that inhibition and go all out  like Elmo Magalona! Ain’t it fun?



5. Mountain climbing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a one hour trek or a six hour hike, we can all agree on one thing — it’s workout and sightseeing in one! Isn’t nature a wonderful bonus in getting fit? Girlie Benitez knows.



6. Mixed Martial Arts.

Who says MMA is only for guys? Our badass girl Jinri Park regularly does  Jiujitsu and Muay Thai as her workout! Aside from losing the pounds, you’ll learn how to protect yourself in case of emergency. Handy!



7. Boxing.

Or if you think MMA is too hard, boxing is the next best option. 1, 2, 3, punch! Besties Andrea Torres and Valeen Monntenegro look happy post-boxing!



8. Basketball.

This good ol’ sport is a classic. Weekends with the dudes are for ball, before you all sit down on your couch to watch NBA. Here’s Paolo Paraiso on defense!



9. Wakeboarding.

Looking for more action? Maybe it’s time to try wakeboarding. Get the rush of surfing and skateboarding in one activity. Water and adrenaline is a great combination you just can’t say no to.



10. Surfing.

Everyone has at least tried surfing once in their lives. If this is your chosen activity, it’s time to welcome abs in your life. Don’t you ever wonder how those surfers (and Sam Pinto) get those lean, sexy bods? You’re about to find out!



11. Swimming.

If you just want to feel the water, then take a dip and swim! The beach will never fail you.



12. Baby exercise.

No time to go out but the nearby community park? Then get creative and do a Drew — bring your baby and try swinging at the park’s monkey bar! The added weight is your ultimate challenge. See your sweat profusely after one or two rounds. It’s not just a workout, your kid will surely have a good time with you!


Are there any other celebrity workout activity you’d like to try? Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram! Gear up with your favorite artista’s items while you’re at it — all available at alisters.com.ph! From swimwear and gymwear to beauty kits and fashion must-haves, we’ve got everything you need and more!