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Your Guide In Throwing the. Best. Slumber. Party. Ever!

We know how everyday can get stressful. Whether you’re a student or a member of the working force, most times there are just a lot of things on our plate that having 24 hours a day isn’t enough. It’s the millennial generation’s way of life, and the only thing we can do about it is — you get it — deal with it.

So when the going gets tough, we deal with it through having a vacation. But unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of the time to book a flight and escape to a faraway island (and money-wise, it’s not really advisable). But we found a solution to this problem: Instead of packing your things and going some place, why not reserve your energy and just gather your friends for some indoor fun, like throwing a slumber party?

Slumber Party 2

No rowdy crowd, no hassle on the commute or driving, no unnecessary overspending — just pure, clean fun with your best buddies. And the best part is you get to personalize everything for a more memorable experience!

Slumber Party 15

Like the idea? Well, we’ll make it easier for you. Here are our tips on creating the best slumber party ever — watch your FB and IG friend go green with envy with photos of your #FriendshipGoals. We also tapped our girl Chloe Dauden, the queen of our slumber party dream, for her recommendations. Read on!



Basically, just make it fun — balloons, confetti, pretty cups and plates, a cork board with cutouts of your barkada’s memos or favorite things (just make sure to save some space for more photos of the coming night), banners you can buy in party shops, and of course, your cutest pillows and blankets, and the like. It doesn’t have to be grand, but putting a bit effort doesn’t hurt!

Slumber Party 17



Be in your comfiest PJs! The whole point of having a slumber party is to chill and be merry. But pretty sleepwear amps up the experience! You can also play dress up with your tops and bottoms — then have a photoshoot afterwards! Go for girly colors — think pastels and soft hues. Or opt for florals for girly cool. Need no-brainer slumber party outfits? Check out this link for pairs and separates you and your barkada will surely love!

Some looks you can try:

Slumber Party 2 1

Slumber Party 20

Slumber Party 2 2



Ah, what’s a slumber party without food? Go for yummy, ready-to-eat treats. Here’s our menu:

Slumber Party 16

1. Five letters: P-I-Z-Z-A

2. Crackers with cheese

3. Your favorite potato chips!

4. Chocolate pretzels or chocolate chip cookies (or both!)

5. Cupcakes

6. Drinks: Lemonade or cucumber juice to refresh! You can buy ready-made mixes or concoct your own.

Note: For 18 years old and above, sneak in some wine or beer. or better yet, mix to your heart’s desire — there are lots of easy cocktail recipes online you can try!



Games, games, games! Pillow fight FTW! Take lots of photos (build your DIY photobooth). Put makeup on each other, or take enjoy a pampering sesh with your face masks and good-smelling creams. Ask your friend to bring your favorite boardgames and cards, or take out your own collection, too. We love Tapple and beer pong (who doesn’t?), and Chloe highly advises you to play Truth or Dare. It’s a staple in all slumber parties, just because it never gets old. Reveal those juiciest secrets you’ve been meaning to confess for months!

Slumber Party 3

Slumber Party 6

Slumber Party 4

Slumber Party 19


Chloe shares all things slumber party here:

Her most memorable slumber party moment: “My two college best friends decided to sleep over one time as we were drinking alcohol that night. One of them got so wasted, she slept without changing into sleepwear and without removing her make-up. The next day when she woke up, she was quick to say, “Buti di tayo nalasing, ‘no?!” and yet, she was the only one who didn’t get to freshen up before sleeping.”

Her three sleepover essentials: “Makeup remover, charges and powerbanks, and lots of extra clothes!”

Her favorite slumber party food and drink: “Cheetos and pizza. And beer!”

The secret to a fun slumber party: “Always prepare lots of good snacks, drinks and movies for a marathon.”


Now, you’re all set! What are your recommendations? Share it with us! Have fun, lovies. 🙂


Shot on location at Hotel 1925