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What’s Your Scent?

Admit it — we love smelling good all the time. It leaves a good and lasting impression, especially if you’re meeting people for the first time. Remember your first encounter with your celebrity crush and how his or her scent lingered in your nose throughout the day? Yes, that’s the same effect we wanted to achieve. Agree? Right!

But to truly make a mark through your scent, you have to stick to it. And to find your signature trail, try to asses yourself — what’s my personality? If you still aren’t sure which is yours, read on and pick the closest one to you. Plus, we have recos so you can start building the scent that is truly YOU!


For the Always-On-The-Go.

Living an active lifestyle? Or rushing from point A to point B in a rush? Scents that wake up the senses are perfect for you! Citrus-y and strong scents (yep, including coffee) are your match.

Whats Your Scent 4

Try: Archieology’s Juicy Dew, Smell Chic’s Casual Petite and Boyfriend Sense, Lunas Living Oils’ Stimulating Coffee Body Polish, and Kana Kare’s Orange Black Tea soap.


For the Romantic.

Fill the air with the scent of love — a nice mix of sweetness and bit of of everything else. Fresh and creamy, slightly seductive yet classy, get this smell with bursts of floral notes mixed with little fruitiness. Imagine a lady’s cocktail — you get the idea.

Whats Your Scent 5

Try: Archieology’s Paris, Smell Chic’s Sophisticated Grace and Royal Diana, Lunas Living Oils’ Infinite Moisture Coco Moringa Oliva Soap, and Kana Kare’s Milky Roobois tea soap.


For the Life of the Party.

Your scent should be something that lasts from day to night! Clean, youthful scents are good, think of fruity-floral hints or something with a but of kick, like mint. This should personify your free spirited-ness!

Whats Your Scent 3

Try: Archieology’s Sugar Blush, Smell Chic’s Charming Impression and Filo Dapper, and Kana Kare’s Minty Mate soap.


For the Chic Chick.

A smell as stylish as you are. Go for classic, clean but fun scents. Nice blends of essential oils are all you’ll need when shopping for your scent.

Whats Your Scent 1

Try: Archieology’s Misty Bloom, Smell Chic’s Classic Audrey, Ara’s Secret’s Oh! Mandy, and Kana Kare’s White Rose Tea soap.


For the Chill Pill.

Cool, calm, and collected. The smell of the ocean, a scent that reminds you of home, or anything relaxing to the nose — it’s yours.

Whats Your Scent 2

Try: Smell Chic’s Beach Aura, Lunas Living Oils’ Immunity Boost Aromatherapy Spray, and Kana Kare’s Lavender Chamomile Tea soap.


Have you picked your scent? Share it to us through our Facebook and Instagram accounts! More scents coming your way from your favorite celebrities at alisters.com.ph, so better watch out for brands soon!