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3 Ways You Can Spice Up Your Favorite Graphic Tee

It’s February yet you’re stuck with the same ol’ outfits. You’ve forgotten how long it has been since you’ve last shopped for your own stuff (the holidays took a toll on you—there’s just too many on your list!) and your closet screams help from all its corners. And with all the pile of workload you’ve left in the office, there seems to be just zero time to drop by the mall for some serious retail therapy. Not to worry though, as we at A-Listers got your back! Here are a few tips on how to style your favorite go-to graphic tee (we know you’ve lots of these)—so whatever type of day you may have, you’re never on the drab side.


Try it fancy.

Ways to Style A Graphic Tee

Create some instant class by throwing your favorite dinner jacket over your shirt. Step it up a notch by opting for slacks instead of jeans and tucking your shirt in (just make sure the print of the tee doesn’t make it into your waistband!).


Go sporty!

Ways to Style A Graphic Tee

Pair your staple shirt-and-jeans with a varsity jacket (go for dark wash jeans to highlight your bright cover up, or wear shorts instead for a cooler vibe). Look sleek yet casual—an easy- no-fail way to stay stylish and still comfy.


Get trendy.

Ways to Style A Graphic Tee

Ever heard of the denim-on-denim trend? Your graphic tee will be the perfect canvas (so to speak) for this outfit! It’s effortlessly vintage-looking yet so in, you’ll get voted best dressed in no time. For a more updated look, choose distressed jeans and throw a few accessories and be ready to stand out among the crowd.


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