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5 Tips in Stylish Low-Key Dressing, the Maine Mendoza Way

Maine Mendoza isn’t just an inspiring celebrity — she’s evolved as a style inspo as well! We’re so digging her stylish, low-key fashion sense that’s easy to recreate. Dressing like her is achievable with the right items inside your closet, and we’re here to break down those essentials. Make sure you’re armed with these five […]

The A-List Guide On Styling Your Infinity French Dolls Outfit!

When shopping for clothes, we know girls do consider this: How many clothes from my closet right now can be matched in this? Is this a good investment? Will this trend last? And we understand that practicality and style come hand in hand. That’s why we can’t get over how perfect French Dolls‘ infinity dresses […]

3 Basic Wardrobe Pieces To Amp Up Your #Twinning Game

Rummage through your boyfriend’s closet and for sure, you’ll find similar items both of you can wear. To add fun to dressing up (and keep that #relationshipgoals level), agree to go twinning for your next date! You only need to own one of these three key wardrobe pieces: a white oversized polo, a bomber jacket, […]

3 Ways You Can Spice Up Your Favorite Graphic Tee

It’s February yet you’re stuck with the same ol’ outfits. You’ve forgotten how long it has been since you’ve last shopped for your own stuff (the holidays took a toll on you—there’s just too many on your list!) and your closet screams help from all its corners. And with all the pile of workload you’ve left […]