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5 Kitchen Ingredients That Are Good for Your Skin

It’s easy to understand why natural is the trend in beauty, and why it should always be. Read up on the effects of chemical and artificial ingredients in your beauty products and you’ll be convinced that, despite its promised efficacy in a short period of time, it may be harmful in the long run. That’s […]

7 Must-Have Items from Shaina Magdayao’s Wellness Collection!

We all love our celebrities for many reasons other than them being so beautiful and talented. They’re not only shining in the spotlight — some do shine even after the show is ended and the curtains have closed. This is the shine that comes from within, with a pure heart and positive aura that’s enough […]

Ara Mina Spills Her Beauty Secrets!

We all want to steal our favorite star’s beauty routine. We’ve asked this question a lot of times: “How do I become as beautiful as her?” Well, surprise, surprise. It isn’t as hard or complicated as you think.   One of Alisters PH’s celebrity entrepreneurs, Ara Mina, shares her “secrets.” Read on to find out […]

What’s Your Scent?

Admit it — we love smelling good all the time. It leaves a good and lasting impression, especially if you’re meeting people for the first time. Remember your first encounter with your celebrity crush and how his or her scent lingered in your nose throughout the day? Yes, that’s the same effect we wanted to […]