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10 Celebrity Travel-Inspired Things You Must Check In Your Bucketlist

If anything, summer is just starting. It’s never too late to book that flight or go on that road trip. But if you’re up for a challenge, we challenge you to travel like the A-List. Here, we list down some of our favorite celebrities’ getaway and we dare you to go the extra mile like them. Consider this your ultimate travel bucketlist — have fun checking each one of them!


1. Reach for the sky.

Ever wondered how it feels like to be up there with the clouds that looks like your hands can reach for it? Well then, it’s time for you to hike up the mountains! Girlie Benitez recently went to Sagada to watch this sea of clouds. Gear up, pack your backpack and get ready to do some leg work!

Celebrity Travel Bucketlist

Girlie slayed this trek in style. Rock your mountain OOTD, too, by wearing a gem from her collection here.


2. Surf’s up!

When summer rolls in, it calls for the beach. But let’s skip swimming for now and try a new water activity — surfing. There are a lot of surfing spots that’s near the metro, like Zambales, Real, Baler and La Union, where you can learn the basics. Get a surf instructor, rent a board and paddle and balance to the waves! Our girl Sam Pinto is one pro surfer here!

Celebrity Travel Bucketlist

Get into surfer mood and wear your bikini proud! Pretty swimwear choices from Sirena swimwear here.


3. Go for high fashion.

.. By the beach, that is! It’s the perfect time to go cray, so bring out that inner fierce fashionista in you. Cop Liz Uy and bring your wardrobe to the beach. Tag along your likewise fasyown and go-to photog friends and have fun changing from one outfit to the next under the sun!

Celebrity Travel Bucketlist

Need styling tips? Get fashion insights from Liz herself from her book.


4. Don a kawaii costume.

Japan is a tourist’s favorite country to visit. So when you finally get the chance to fly over to the Land of the Rising Sun, it definitely should be in your must-dos! Don’t these two looked too cute in their matching kimonos?

Celebrity Travel Bucketlist

Tricia’s been everywhere, and wherever she goes, her OOTD game is always on point. We’d love to have chic outfit posts for Instagram, too, so go here to know her secret.


5. See cherry blossoms.

And speaking of Japan, the Cherry Blossom festival is a popular occasion that people want to witness. And lucky, lucky Solenn, she did! And oh, she blossoms like these pretty trees — what a perfect shot!

Celebrity Travel Bucketlist

Sos, as we always see, is fun and fab. How does she do it? How to be her? Learn here.


6. Get a tourist-y shot at the sand dunes.

Sunset, sand, and you — make it different this year! Take away the sea in the meantime and do it the Ara Mina way. Ready to look hot in the sand dunes in Dubai?

Celebrity Travel Bucketlist

Despite the heat, Ara’s as flawless as her name day. Ara’s secret? Ara’s Secret, that is.


7. Go to everyone’s dream island.

But if you just can’t live without the ocean view, veer away from the usual beach spots. This is the year to fly to Siargao! Trust us, it’s a different kind of beauty you won’t be able to forget forever. See that crystal clear water Rene Rose McHugh-Rodrigo and her son is enjoying? Exquisite sight, yes?

Celebrity Travel Bucketlist

Maintain that smooth and silky skin even after multiple beach trips. Rene recommends you to check out Kana Kare Wellness soaps for your go-to beauty remedy.


8. London calling.

The iconic telephone booth is a nice backdrop for you and your sweetheart. We envy this Heart and Chiz photo that’s everything but boring.

Celebrity Travel Bucketlist

For more (he)ART inspiration and everything in between, read them in Heart’s book here.


9. Fulfill your Potter dreams!

It’s every Harry Potter fan’s paradise — the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Alden’s all prepped to ride the Hogwart’s Express in his Gryffindor scarf and cart full of Hogwarts goodies. What a cutie!

Celebrity Travel Bucketlist

Get to know more about our Pambansang Bae here —  aside from Potter, you’ll find more things to love about him.


10. The Northern Lights.

We  can imagine ourselves if ever the day comes that we’ll slash this from out bucketlist — jaws drop the whole time. Even Michael V. is in awe!

Celebrity Travel Bucketlist

While you save up for this dream trip, have a few laughs courtesy of our favorite comedian here.

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