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5 Ways You Can Make Everyday Heart’s Day

It doesn’t have to be February 14 everyday—express your love towards your special someone through simple, daily acts that can warm up the heart. We round up easy things that you and your sweetheart can do and celebrate Valentine’s in and out of season.


Work things out through working out!

Exercise releases endorphins or happy hormones, so any petty tampuhan can be resolved with a quick gym sesh. Also, reaching your fitness goals together improves your bond. So wear those chic gym clothes and move your way to a better bods, together!

Make Everyday Heart's Day

Sports bra and leggings from Be Amaz1ng are your arsenal for a fab gym time!


Weekend at-home spa dates are the cure.

No budget for lavish spa treatments? No problemo! Bring out those oils from your cabinet and take turns in giving each other a massage. Gently rub his back, let him squeeze your soar arms and let your heads rest as both of you indulge in the goodness of every stroke. You totally deserve it.

Make Everyday Heart's Day

Shaina Magdayao’s Lunas Living Oils will soothe your tired muscles in no time.


Feel sexy inside and out.

Ladies, make your honey lose their mind and go crazy about you. Always make sure you smell as if you’ve just taken a shower (a whiff of your scent is enough to go overdrive) and slip on pretty intimates for that sweet surprise, just in case (you know what we mean). *wink*

Make Everyday Heart's Day

Your top picks: Sirena bikini set and Kana Kare Luxury Wellness soaps.


Go miles to celebrate your relationship’s milestones!

For this year, celebrate your monthsaries with a trip out of town! Those once-a-month escapades will fire up your passions and inspire you in every way possible. Plus, traveling will bring out something new, thus getting to know your partner more. See new sights, and see your bae in brand new light. Win-win? Big YES!

Make Everyday Heart's Day

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Throwback to old-school love.

Reqind to your past selves and make letter writing a habit. Be each other’s pen pals (remember when you had one during your elementary days?), just jot down whatever you want to tell your significant other — your feelings and affection, your greatest dream, your adventure the day before, your personal struggles, a song you wrote for him/her, just everything under the sun! Isn’t it a more romantic gesture than turning to social media to profess your undying love to the whole universe? It sure is. 🙂

Make Everyday Heart's Day

Because writing is a classic, get this Community Surface box set!

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