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Start the New Year With A Brand New You!

New year, new you—this has always been the welcome mantra of every person in the world. For some, they’d started their 2017 this February, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Cliche as it is, there really isn’t any other better fuel to restart than by beginning anew after another 365-degree turn.

We hope that with the new year comes better luck and improvement in all aspects of our lives, may it be in career, family, friendships, love, and the list goes on. But reality is, for you to see that better future, you got to work, work, work for it. So no, moping around and waiting for a miracle is not going to help you. You got to move, aim higher and cruise the day-to-day challenges thrown at you!

But if you’re clueless on how to kick off this year with a bang, we’ve got a few tips to jumpstart Project: New You. Make these things a habit and see the difference!


Aim for #bodygoals.


Maggie Wilson looks oh-so-hot in a Wanderlust bikini set.

Being able to flaunt your curves in that hot swimsuit you bought over the holidays is just the icing on top of the cake. Yes, you’ll lose weight through regular workouts and a proper diet, but getting fit and healthy is the ultimate goal. Why not start with Youtube zumba videos, then enrolling in a neighboring yoga class after some time? And while you’re at it, sneak in some fruits and veggies to your meals, too.


Make me-time a priority.

aras secret

Take a few minutes to really sit down and have a good scrub with this Ara’s Secret scrub.

Don’t be much of an office slave! At least once a week, lavish yourself with the good stuff—an hour massage, a nail spa service, or even a haircut! It’s important to take a break from all the stress to keep you in a balanced state. Tip: Daily pampering isn’t that time-consuming, too—a 20-minute power nap or using scented body products for bath gives an instant boost!


See some sights!


Roxanne Barcelo is ready to go places, wearing comfy Be Amaz1ng leggings for her trips!

This year, make that dream trip happen. No ifs, no buts, no delays, no turning back. Dreaming of the magical world of Harry Potter? Pack your bags and fly to Universal Orlando Resort! Your friends keep bugging you to go hiking? Lace up your shoes and go! No matter what, just do it.


Walk more.


Slip on your favorite socks and hit the streets!

Not only is this good for your body, you’re actually helping the environment, too. Not only that. It’s also a good opportunity to really be with yourself! That 10-minute walk to your friend’s house with just you and the sidewalk (and maybe your music and earphones) will let your mind wander and think about life. And oh, maybe this walking habit can turn into an interest in running, and a possibility of an excuse to buy cute socks (just saying). *wink*


Make journaling a habit.


Instead of answering Facebook’s, “What’s on your mind?” writing your thoughts on a journal is a better alternative.

Finally, making time to sit down and write your thoughts away is a refresher from all the toxic activities we engage in daily. Bring back those Dear Diary days and allot at least a quarter of an hour to just enjoy jotting down your musings, dreams and secret wishes. Trust us, once you get used to this, this will be something you’ll always look forward to doing.


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