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3 Workouts You and Bae Can Totally Do Together

You eat together, you drink together, so it makes perfect sense to workout together too! Studies say you’re more likely to commit to a workout routine if you’ve got an accountable buddy—and who better than your bae to fulfill this role? Plus, it’s another excuse to spend quality time together (as if you need more reasons) and is a great source of endorphins to boot!


Squats for Quads.

Workouts For You and Bae

Stand with your feed wider than your hips, with toes pointing slightly out. Stretch out your arms in front of you, parallel to the ground. Keep your spine neutral, and your core engaged. Push your seat back, aiming to get your thighs parallel to the ground, while keeping a 90-degree angle on your legs for safety. Then stand tall, taking the power from your hips.


Side Planks for Obliques.

Workouts For You and Bae

Start in a full plank position then transfer the weight to your left hand, turning your entire body to face the right side. Keep your belly tight and your body straight, making sure not to dip the hips. To make this more challenging, you can raise your right hand to the ceiling and stretch your right leg out straight. You can even try tapping your left hip to the mat and raising it back up for hip dips! Side planks are so much more fun when you’ve got bae doing the same thing in front of you!


Sprints for Cardio.


Let’s be real, when it comes to running, you and your SO might not be going at the same pace. But you can try doing sprints together–running at your fastest for a short period, then catching up with a slower jog. Try this on side-by-side treadmills, or better yet, go out and find a place to run and enjoy the great outdoors together! Running can get boring, but definitely not if you’re running together!


Workouts For You and Bae

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